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Necklace Necessities Ensemble

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Extend your necklace wardrobe from 3 1/2 to 6 inches! No more necklaces that are too short or too tight! Your necklaces will stay right where you want them with the Necklace Necessities Ensemble.

Extender Trio in Clam Shell

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Trio of extenders in a simple clam shell package. Includes an adjustable silvertone, adjustable goldtone and non-adjustable faux pearl extender.

Necessities Secure Strips

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Necessities Secure Strips are a unique product which solve another fashion dilemma of women. The small pieces of clear, hypoallergenic adhesive secure your necklace clasp so that it doesn't turn to the front of your outfit!

Necessities Skin Guard

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Protect your metal-sensitive skin! Necessities Skin Guard by Necklace Necessities is a liquid that is easily applied onto areas of jewelry where it makes contact with the skin.

Custom Gift Wrapping
Rose colored wrapping paper with shimmery white wired ribbon and sweet rosebud accent. (Available for Necklace Orders Only)

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